A Very Sicilian Justice: Taking on the Mafia – Al Jazeera

A story of blackmail, conspiracy, courage and fear. We follow the Italian judge trying to take on the mafia. Narrated by Helen Mirren.

“Sicilian judge Antonino Di Matteo is one of the most threatened – and protected – men in Italy.

As the chief prosecutor in Italy’s “trial of the century”, he has more than 20 bodyguards, ensuring his safety around the clock.

On trial are 10 men who stand accused of being part of a conspiracy between the mafia and the state. Five of the defendants are mafia bosses and five are members of the political establishment, including senior police chiefs and politicians.

Central to Di Matteo’s case is the story of Italy’s most famous anti-mafia judges, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.”

Directed by Paul Sapin and Toby Follett


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