A Few Nagging Questions – Teaser Trailer

A Few Nagging Questions is a feature-length documentary film about a unique cross‐generational memory project involving Glenville High School students and community elders. Together, they are searching for answers about a gun battle that took place in their community nearly 50 years ago when seven people were killed, three of them police officers. Described as the first example of “urban warfare” in the United States, the shoot-out set in motion a cycle of poverty and neglect that still persists in Glenville. The documentary will investigate what happened that night, the subsequent murder trial and how the Glenville students’ journey might offer solutions for their community. Production of the film started in June 2017 and is planned to complete by October 2018. Directed by Paul Sapin. Support the film at raisethevoice.org My role: Colourist & Online Editor